Huawei’s 5G patents surpass that of ALL US companies put together

Today, at the Chinese International Data Expo, held in Guiyang, Lu Yong, vice president of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., said that Huawei’s 2018 revenue exceeded 720 billion yuan and its R&D investment was more than 100 billion yuan. Last year, Huawei’s R&D investment ranked fifth surpassing American companies like Intel and Apple’s R&D investment. Lu Yong said, “Only this long-term, high-intensity focused R&D investment will ensure that we continue to lead in such a high-tech industry.” He also said that Huawei’s 5G patents are more than that of all American companies put together. 

Huawei 5G UK

Mr. Lu said that Huawei has over 16,000 5G standard patents ranking first in the world and accounting for 20%. All companies in the United States account for less than 15% of 5G core patents. “China believes that we have the largest 4G network in the world, and we have every reason to believe that China will also have the world’s largest 5G network.” Lu Yong believes that with such a large market space and cyberspace, 5G can make China realize the digitalization of thousands of industries, and truly realize the transformation of 5G digitalization.

Lu Yong said, “Huawei should be said to be another wave of turmoil today, but from my personal understanding, in fact, Huawei’s internal 180,000 employees seem to be like the hurricane in the hurricane. We are very calm. We are a kind of bean sprouts…”


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