How to Stream Netflix using VPN?


When Tim Berners Lee launched the internet, he couldn’t have predicted how revolutionary this step would be for our world. No one can disagree on the fact that the internet produced the biggest revolution on our planet, and changed the lifestyles of billions of people in only a few decades.

The biggest beneficiaries of the World Wide Web are consumers who desire convenience in all walks of life. The internet opened up new outlets for people to communicate with each other. After the success of email, chatting platforms soon came up to offer greater options in how we wish to communicate with one another.

VoIP services added more features and convenience, while social networking websites literally turned our world into a single global village.

Online shopping added more convenience into our lives. Instead of visiting stores or responding to Advertisements from tele-commerce companies, people now prefer visiting online shopping websites and purchase any of their desired products from there.

But the biggest revolution of all was witnessed in the entertainment industry. And that revolution was spearheaded by the most popular streaming service on the globe – Netflix.

The Revolution of Netflix

Over a decade ago, Reed Hastings had to pay fine on the late return of a cassette he rented from a store. That got him thinking about the absolute lack of convenience in the entertainment industry. Soon, he spearheaded his own project, naming it Netflix, with the objective of providing greater convenience to people.

After renting out and selling DVDs online, Netflix soon converted into an online streaming brand, allowing people to watch their favorite movies and TV shows from the comforts of their homes instead of going to rent them out from DVD stores. This started a revolution and launched what turned out to be a billion dollar industry. More streaming services followed suit to offer streaming services online, but none of these can still compare with the convenience offered by the streaming giant Netflix.

Problems with Streaming Netflix from Anywhere?

If you’re new to the world of online streaming, then you are in for a surprise. The online world is highly convenient, but it’s not as free as you think it is. This is especially true for the world of online streaming.

While some channels remain censored in different countries, others restrict access themselves. This is done to protect the geo-licenses these companies received from studios that only allow them to stream content in certain regions only.

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While other streaming companies block the channel outside their respective regions, Netflix follows a whole different policy. Previously, the channel was blocked outside the US. Soon, Netflix changed tactics when it allowed people from other countries to also get access to the channel.

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Though it increased excitement levels everywhere, this excitement soon turned into disappointment for many people when they learned that Netflix is offering access to different libraries in every country. This means that if you live in India for instance, you will only be able to stream a small percentage of the entire Netflix content, and most of the amazing shows including Friends and How I Met Your Mother will not be available in the Indian version of Netflix. The same applies to all the countries as well.

The biggest online library of Netflix shows resides in the US. But how do you stream Netflix US from elsewhere? The answer is simple: You can stream Netflix using VPN.

How to Watch Netflix US from Anywhere?

The best way to get access to the US version of Netflix is with PureVPN. PureVPN is one of the most reliable VPN services on the web. On the map since 2007, PureVPN offers access to over 2,000 servers in 140 countries. A big nucleus of these servers reside in the US. This means that you can access and stream Netflix US from anywhere once you are connected to PureVPN.

PureVPN also offers the fastest VPN speeds compared to any other VPN provider. This is because the servers on offer by PureVPN are perfectly optimized at all times so that users can keep on receiving the best streaming speeds from anywhere.

Moreover, PureVPN has got apps on all major platforms, which include Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and more. This means that you can stream Netflix on any device from anywhere without having to worry about geo-restrictions of any kind.

Avail the Anniversary Offer when Subscribing to PureVPN!

As mentioned above, PureVPN was first launched in 2007. Today is the 12th anniversary of the popular VPN brand, and the service is celebrating the party with a bang. When you subscribe to PureVPN, you can also avail 12 free monthly PureVPN accounts. You can send these accounts as a gift to a dozen people. All you have to do is send invites to all of your loved ones. And the ones who accept will instantly receive a free month of PureVPN!

So what are you waiting for? Avail the offer now while it’s still available and make your days all the more entertaining with PureVPN!

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