Two interesting cheap Xiaomi gadgets from Ebay

Xiaomi gadgets

The ecosystem of Xiaomi brand is a pretty vast one and it’s hiding many interesting products you have probably never heard about. So today we would like to shine a light for you on two Xiaomi gadgets from the Mi family and you can even get both of them directly from the Ebay marketplace, so it really can’t be much easier. So let’s get down to it.

First we have on the menu Xiaomi Mi multifunctional digital clock with wide range of use, which has also for example built-in sensors for detection accurate temperature and humidity levels. With the big 3,7-inch e-ink screen you will see all the information pretty clearly and the PMMA 3D ARC design on the screen is a sight for the sore eyes. You can even connect to other smart devices through the Mijia BT Gateway or just settle with the Mi Home app. And the battery life is not going to be a problem either, the device uses two CR2032 batteries. This useful gadget can yours only for $16.05 directly from Ebay.

The second gadget can also be fully controlled with Mi Home app, but the usage is maybe a bit more niche. On the other hand, who doesn’t hate the annoying mosquitos ? Xiaomi Mi Mosquito Repellent is the right answer and because it uses specific natural ingredients and built-in low noise fan it’s not an inconvenience at all. One special repellent tablet can last for up 90 days with 8 hours usage so plenty of mosquito killing power time. Neat example of Xiaomi gadgets and the price is only $15.89 after all.

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