Huawei heads to a US court challenging its ban


Today, there are reports coming out of China that Huawei has formally filed a lawsuit in the United States to lift the ban imposed on the company by the United States. According to reports, the company issued an official statement through its Chief Legal Officer, Song Liuping.


Huawei has filed a lawsuit and will file a summary judgment motion on Tuesday requesting the court to declare the bill unconstitutional. The ban is a typical deprivation of public rights bill, which violates due process. The US directly determined that Huawei is guilty and imposes a large number of restrictions on the company. The purpose is obvious, that is, to drive Huawei out of the US market. This is tyranny and the “use legislation instead of trial” which is explicitly prohibited by the US Constitution.

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It is hoped that the US courts will be able to declare the Huawei ban unconstitutional and prohibit execution in the same way as the previous cases of deprivation of public rights and violations of due process. Huawei also posted this statement to the US media carriers such as The Wall Street Journal.

On May 16th, the US President signed an administrative order prohibiting US companies from purchasing telecommunications equipment and services provided by “foreign opponents”. On the same day, the US Department of Commerce will include Huawei in the list of regulated “entities”. Subsequently, the Chinese manufacturer was given a temporary license from the US Department of Commerce, allowing the ban to be delayed for 90 days. The temporary license is valid until August 19.


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