10 Most useful apps for your Android phone in 2019

Android best apps

There’s no denying that the Google Play Store boasts a seemingly infinite volume of Android applications. Some of the apps come totally free, while some are either premium or have in-app purchase options.

You would also find that a great number of apps offer somewhat similar features and functionalities. In fact, when it comes to Android games, most of them are just a variation of the other. Take, for instance, the gameplay of Temple Run which has been reproduced hundreds of times.

Regardless, there are lot of amazing apps waiting to be downloaded on your Android device. And, no we are not talking about the traditional FB, WhatsApp, Tinder or other such apps.

Check out our list of 10 best android apps that you need in 2019.

1. PureVPN

As a VPN application, it can help you encrypt your internet traffic, unblock geo-restricted content and services, evade ISP monitoring, reduce latency in online games, and so much more. The Android client offers a 7-day free trial, and after that, you can subscribe to any of its premium plans. The VPN service has 2,000+ VPN servers, which are located in 180+ countries.

2. Netflix

Who doesn’t know about Netflix? It is the leader in the world of online streaming and boasts a catalog of over 5,000 TV shows, movies, documentaries, and anime, among other content. Since it has country-specific versions, you can even find local content on it. However, if you wish to access its US library, you will require a VPN.

3. LastPass

It’s difficult to remember all the complex passwords we create for our online bank accounts, social media accounts, etc. Moreover, it would be foolish to store those passwords on simple notepads or sticky notes. Here, LastPass gives us the convenience of storing all our complex passwords in a secure vault.

4. Google Drive

Do you want a cloud storage service where you can put all your data and access it on the go? Well, you can’t find any other app better than Google Drive. Moreover, you can also find dozens of different add-ons that would allow you to edit and modify files with great ease.

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5. SwiftKey

Android may come with a default on-screen keyboard, but it doesn’t come with good features and functionalities. Therefore, if you are looking for an alternative keyboard, you may want to try SwiftKey. The app has been download over 100,000,000 times, which signifies how popular it is among Android users. Anyway, the tool uses AI technology to predict what you intend to type. It offers an efficient autocorrect feature as well as gesture typing. The app supports over 300 languages, and you can set up to 5 languages at a time.

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6. Evernote

You would find Evernote in almost every android apps list. After all, it is one of the most popular to-do apps on the internet. The app features a voice recorder, webpage clipper, and more. The tool also boasts a unique feature which is called optical character recognition (OCR) which allows the device to scan photos and capture all the text on it.

7. Flipboard

Switching between different news apps or websites can be frustrating. But we often go through this frustration because we want to read all the critical news covered by different news agencies. Flipboard comes here as our knight in shining armor. The app curates news and publications and brings them all under one roof.

8. Runtastic

It is a fitness application that offers an intuitive user interface as well as powerful features. The app utilizes your device’s sensors to track how much distance you cover, your pace, heartbeat, and even the amount of calories burned. If you want a little motivation, you can check out its leaderboard and see how others are competing.


If you are not good with handling your budget and looking for a way to keep things under control, try out MINT. It is a money management application that allows you to track your finances, bills, credit cards, and more. You can analyze your spending behavior and pattern and see where you can save. Plus, you can also set reminders for bills dates so you may never miss the due date.

10. Avast

Finally, you can never leave your smartphone without a security tool. The internet is brimming with malware and other cyber threats. To keep your device protected against such threats, you need anti-virus or anti-malware program like Avast. Apart from virus protection, the tool also comes with anti-theft tools as well as call filtering.

As mentioned earlier, there are millions of apps on the Google Play Store. However, the apps listed in this blog are ones that are tried and tested and approved by hundreds of millions of Android fans around the world.

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