TSMC will start production of the 5nm chip for Apple iPhone next year

According to the latest media report, TSMC’s 7nm EUV process is an advanced process. However, the company’s next year’s focus will be on the more advanced 5nm process. It has been reported that TSMC 5nm process will be mass-produced in the first quarter of next year. In addition, next year’s iPhone will sport the A14 processor which will use the 5nm process.

TSMC 5nm chip
TSMC 5nm chip

TSMC has taken the lead in mass production of the 7nm process last year. This year, there will be a more advanced 7nm EUV process. In the May report, TSMC process has been 7nm EUV process has been mass-produced. However, compared with the previous 7nm process, the density of transistors in the 7nm EUV process increased by 20%, performance increased by 10%, and energy efficiency increased by 15%.

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Next year, the iPhone’s processor will be produced in a 5nm process, which means that the iPhone that Apple will launch next year will have more powerful performance. It is believed that the 5nm process will make the number of transistors in the processor more than other generations. This will surpass the 7nm density by 80% and performance will increase by 15%  relative to the 7nm EUV process. 


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