What is it like to use four XIDU computers alternately?


A few days ago, I received a mysterious huge package. I tore it apart and found four devices I have been looking forward to for a long time: PhilBook, PhilBook Max, Tour and Philpad. I used the four laptops alternately, which is an experience that I have always dreamed of. After a few days, I decided to write down the bits and pieces of the process and share them with everyone, hoping to help you in purchasing notebooks.

It can be seen from the configuration table on the Amazon purchase page that these four laptops are all products of XIDU, but their positioning and many aspects are different. For different groups of people such as students, white-collar workers, geeks and housewives, I would recommend different products. The most obvious difference is that they are not the same size: PhilBook is 11.6 inches, Tour is 12.5 inches, Philpad is 13.3 inches, and PhilBook Max is 14.1 inches. The size of the four laptops just grows progressively. Stacking them together is like a beautiful blue-gray terrace.

PhilBook is the lightest out of the four notebooks weighing only a kilogram or so, which equals to the weight of two bottles of 500ml mineral water. When I take trips, I often go out with Philbook because it doesn’t take up too much space in the bag. I don’t like taking a big and heavy computer bag when traveling. PhilBook can be put into a handbag, so the size is just right for me.

It is ideal for those who don’t need to do some complicated work and those who travel a lot with a computer. Sometimes, I will store my powerpoint documents or videos in PhilBook and then meet my clients. The screen can be bent backwards like a tent, which can help me demonstrate my ideas to them in a direct way and assist me in speeches.

PhilBook Max’s is “Max” in that it is larger than Philbook. Its screen size is 14.1 inches, which is bigger than those of other three devices. When you go home and open PhilBook Max after using PhilBook for the day, you will be instantly amazed by Philbook Max’s narrow border and large screen. I personally like its design. The dark metal body has the color of whiskey. The four frames are decorated with personalized golden bright lines, which manifests a sense of maturity. In a word this product is suitable for business people.

The performance of Philbook Max is also the most excellent of the four laptops. It is equipped with an Intel Apollo Lake CPU with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of hard disk space, which is more than enough for people who don’t use much heavy software at work. As my work focuses on text editing, I often use Office software, some text editing software like Mark Down, Adobe Bridge and Lightroom to manage and edit batch pictures. Such types of software work very well on PhilBook Max, and the creamy white backlight keyboard allows me to work efficiently at night.

Philpad compared with the other three products is more like a tablet. Its distinctive feature is the detachable keyboard. If you remove the keyboard, it is a real Win10 tablet. This works well when you don’t really need the keyboard. For example, when I am lying in bed at night, and I want to watch a TV show before going to bed, now the keyboard seems redundant. I can totally remove the keyboard and use fingers to control the status of my video, which is an extremely comfortable experience. I usually recommend it to people who often use tablets. The screen with 2K resolution provides especially comfortable experience for binge-watching.

In addition, my company’s wireless router supports 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi, so Philpad is the only device that can use stable and fast dual-band Wi-Fi out of the four. If you have a dual-band wireless router at home and want to enjoy a faster and more stable wireless network, then Philpad is more suitable for you.

Tour is a traditional laptop and the only one without a touchscreen among the four devices. If you prefer a traditional laptop, it is right for you. It also has the clearest screen. The 12.5-inch IPS screen with 2K resolution can even display the vellus hair on the skin. Of course, you need at least 1080P or even 4K video resources to really demonstrate its strength.

You can find all these laptops on the XIDU store website and while at it you can maybe utilize the handy bunch of discount coupons for these models available in here.

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