European 5G could delay for two years without Huawei


A few days ago, Huawei announced at the Shanghai MWC conference that it has obtained 50 commercial 5G contracts worldwide. Over half (28) of these contracts are from Europe. Hu Houkun, vice chairman of Huawei said that “if Europe can not use Huawei’s products, European 5G commercial process will be delayed for more than 2 years.”

Huawei 5G

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Will Huawei 5G supply be affected by US sanctions? According to Hu Houkun, Huawei has found alternatives to the affected devices and it is currently looking for alternative suppliers. At present, Huawei’s 5G technology solution is completely immune to US sanctions, and contracts signed can guarantee supply to customers.

In addition to the United States’ own ban on Huawei, the United States has also pressured European allies to ban Huawei’s 5G solution. Will this affect Huawei’s business process in Europe? Hu Houkun said that Huawei currently has 28 European customers from 50 commercial contracts. In the 4G era, Huawei played a major supplier role in the European market. In the 5G era, European 5G customers are full of confidence in the value that Huawei can bring.

He further said that Huawei will increase its investment in 5G, and has invested a total of $40 billion dollars. In the future, we will continue to invest in a scale, optimize products, and maintain our position in the industry. We will also invest to promote the development of industrial ecology and help terminal chip manufacturers to connect to the network.


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  1. newphoenix
    June 26, 2019

    The European’s can use the Bosnian experience in delaying implementation of new technology until last month May 2019 we where using 3G and since may 2019 4G is available in selected “cities” (towns is better description) and the penetration is less that 1% , for further information visit Bosnia and Herzegovina. Happy downloading.