Experience the Ubuntu system on the new tiny CHUWI MiniBook

CHUWI MiniBook

In just one week, the crowd-funding target of CHUWI MiniBook, launched by this chinese OEM manufacturer has went over the set goal by 1632% with the crowdfunding amount exceeding $410,000. It has been backed by 1,458 supporters and this number is still growing.

Since a lot of users are asking whether CHUWI MiniBook supports the Linux system. Today we will show you the experience of installing the Ubuntu system on this tiny laptop, which will help more UMPC enthusiasts make purchasing decisions.

As a matter of fact, you can basically install the Ubuntu system on most laptops with standard performance and specifications. What affects the experience indeed is whether the manufacturer has made relevant driver tests and adaptations for the Ubuntu system. As CHUWI MiniBook is equipped with Celeron N4100/Core M3-8100Y + 16GB LPDDR4 + 512GB, its performance can fully meet the needs of Ubuntu system. The focus of this test lies in the application performance of the MiniBook based on Ubuntu system.

After booting into the desktop, CHUWI MiniBook is normal in terms of display, network connection, setting operation, etc.

It can even automatically adjust the interface to adapt to the horizontal and vertical screens.

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In the office software, the Ubuntu system on CHUWI MiniBook performs as well as any Windows system.

However, in game installation, the Ubuntu system works in a completely different way than Windows system does. But after all Linux in general is not considered the “gaming” platform anyway.

Thanks to CHUWI team’s efforts on debugging and adaptation of the mainstream system, CHUWI MiniBook can still run smoothly in basic operation, office work and entertainment also on Linux without any issues. You can check out the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and eventually become one of the backers too.

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