Germany kicks off commercial 5G services

After raising some 6.5 billion euros ($7.3 billion) from the sale of 5G frequencies to telecoms firms, commercial tariffs were announced by Deutsche Telecom this week. Tariffs are divided into two categories – bundled with the Galaxy S10 5G, bundled with an HTC 5G hub.

The Galaxy S10 bundle will cost 900 Euros, but for current buyers, it will be 100 Euros up front and 799.95 Euros on contract converting to 6,200 Yuan. That converts to 84.95 euros per month, which is the equivalent of 658 Yuan. The bundle will get you the phone obviously, SMS, unlimited data, of which the uplink rate is 100Mbps.


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The HTC 5G Hub costs 555.55 euros but can be used as a gateway for multiple 5G devices and the monthly cost turns out to be 74.95 euros per month, about 581 Yuan.  Benefits are the same as the Galaxy S10 package but upload rate is 50Mbps.

South Korea has been one of the first countries to start 5G services and its tariffs start 55,000 won (about 325 yuan). This is for three mobile operators in the country. The US has a three tier plan – first is a basic tariff of 85 US dollars/month (about 570 yuan). The second is a higher tariff of 95 US dollars/month (about 637 yuan),  but the third is the fastest with tariffs of 105 US dollars/month (about 705 yuan), with speeds reaching as high as 625MB/s.


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