2K touchscreen laptop with unbeatable Value: XIDU Tour Pro official review

XIDU Tour Pro

XIDU Tour Pro touchscreen laptop offers gorgeous 12.5-inch screen, full-size backlit keyboard, slim metallic body, Windows 10 Home OS with no bloatware, 8th Gen Intel Celeron 3867U processor, 8GB LPDDR4 256GB SSD storage, USB Type-C (USB-C), USB 3.0, and a micro SD card reader for hassle-free compatibility with current peripherals, displays, and projectors. Best used to consume media or do basic office work, it’s also capable of graphic-intensive work.

Screens with 2K resolution used to be reserved for the most premium of laptops or televisions, but as manufacturers in Shenzhen, China, continue to improve technology, it is becoming increasingly affordable. it’s an aluminium clamshell laptop with chamfered edges clearly inspired by the MacBook Air. The XIDU Tour Pro touchscreen laptop is the latest to offer a 2K screen. Is it worth buying?

Design and Hardware

It is worth expecting about the XIDU Tour Pro Touchscreen Laptop in terms of hardware design; it’s a slim metallic laptop with 180 degrees convertible hinge, only 0.62-inch thin and 3.5 pounds, which makes it both stylish and portable. It is composed of the 12.5″ – thin bezel at only 4.8mm, 88% screen-to-body ratio and 2K IPS (2560×1440) 10-point touchscreen with full-size backlit keyboard.

The 88% screen-to-body ratio and those thin bezels make it a perfect choice for all users to have a great vision no matter when you are watching movies or dealing with tasks. What’s cooler is the 0.62-inch thinness and 3.5 pounds that are impressive and convenient to carry at any time!

Ports of the XIDU Tour Pro Touchscreen Laptop, including Headphone jack, MicroSD card slot, USB 3.0, Charging port and USB Type-C port. The internals and ports also leave something to be desired. Powering the laptop is the 8th Intel Kaby Lake R 3867U 1.8GHz processor which can be maxed up to 4.0GHz. While the 8GB LPDDR4 256GB m.2 SATA SSD can be supported up to 512GB SSD expansion, which is no slouch in this price range. It includes ports including one Type-C, one USB 3.0, one MicroSD Card Reader, one Headphone jack and one Charging Port that enable all users to handle with all tasks conveniently.

The saving grace here is that 2K display panel. With resolution of 2560*1440 pixels, this is a gorgeous panel that is excellent for consuming media. Maybe it’s because I’m used to a smaller and heavier on my main work machine, but the inch of screen real estate and 88% screen-to-body ratio really add to the immersion. The laptop’s size is put to good use in the bottom half of the clam shell too.


The XIDU Tour Pro laptop is best used to watch video, listen to music or perform multiple office works. The 8th Gen Intel Celeron 3867U processor and 8GB LPDDR4 256GB SSD storage offer you smooth operation and stable multitasking experience. For example, streaming 2K videos on YouTube and handling multitasks meanwhile.

The XIDU Tour Pro laptop has a design with metal body, 16.6mm ultrathin and 1.2kg ultralight which is perfect for travelers

The screen is brilliant and gets bright enough for outdoor use; the stereo speakers and the keyboard are in ideal positions and pump out loud, clear audio; and the full-size, backlit keyboard is great for typing, unlike Apple whose stubbornness has resulted in a terrible typing experience that is routinely surpassed by laptops that cost a fraction of its product.

To be fair, XIDU is not only a portable laptop for travelers, but also is perfect machine for gaming or 2K video editing. The one-touch power button enables users to power on the notebook, finish identity authentication through Windows Hello and access the desktop in less than 7 seconds.

The XIDU Tour Pro has a full-size, backlit keyboard with one-touch access


If you’re in the market for a laptop with a large 2K screen for mostly stationary media consumption and multiple office works, the XIDU Tour Pro cannot be beaten. If you want something more portable that you’ll lug around often, or if you want a machine capable of intensive work such as photo editing and gaming, it is also the perfect choice. Check out more specifics on XIDU Amazon US or XIDU official store.

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  1. Andre John Cruz
    July 9, 2019

    This Xidu laptop model is interesting and you’ve been featuring it almost daily in this web site for the past 2 weeks. But why do this when it’s not even available yet? No listing yet in Xidu site nor in Amazon.

    • freedomstolen
      July 12, 2019

      He’s doing it for kickbacks Andre. If you will observe, all his posts are promotions.