Chinese 3C has certified 8 5G smartphones – Huawei has four

Huawei Mate 20 X 5G version

The commercialization of 5G in China took a major leap after 5G licenses were issued to major Chinese carriers some weeks ago. According to Chinese media reports, at least 7 5G smartphones have gotten 3C certification. Among these, Huawei has four models while Xiaomi, ZTE, and Vivo has one each. Oppo also claims that its 5G smartphone has 3C certification but it has not been made public. This takes the total smartphones with 3C certification in China to eight.


In China, smartphones need three major certifications to go public. Getting 3C certification means that the smartphone has gone through the first threshold before going public. On June 25th, Huawei Mate 20 X (5G) obtained China’s first 5G terminal telecom equipment network access license. It is currently the only 5G mobile phone that supports NSA/SA networking. It also supports 4G/5G dual card dual standby.

However, for the first batch of 5G mobile phones, average smartphone users do not have to be in a hurry. In February of this year, OPPO Vice President, Shen Yiren, publicly stated on Weibo that ordinary users do not need to look forward to 5G mobile phones. Due to the influence of network, consumer content and terminal price, 5G mobile phones will not be widely popular in the short term. The current 5G mobile phone is for manufacturers to display research and development capabilities, build application environments for developers and a small number of digital users. Previously, Pan Jiutang, a partner of Xiaomi Industry Investment Department, also said: 5G is inevitable but not urgent. This is because it takes time for the industry chain/product to improve and new applications need to be explored.


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