Xiaomi wireless floor cleaning machine goes into crowdfunding

Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, now has so many vacuum cleaners and its nomenclature is not explicit. This is basically because some of the products are from third party firms while Xiaomi still has its own lineup. Today, the crowdfunding for a new wireless Xiaomi floor cleaning machine started. The crowdfunding price is 1299 yuan ($189). The Xiaomi wireless floor cleaning machine is available for sweeping, vacuuming and mopping functions.

Xiaomi wireless floor cleaning machine

Xiaomi wireless floor cleaning machine

The vacuum cleaners are well known in Europe and the US but not so popular in China. Simply put, such machines make cleaning of any kind much easier. One important feature of the vacuum cleaner is the suction air duct design. This ensures that all debris/crumbs are adequately sucked in. This cleaning machine comes with a 7200pa powerful suction, which can instantly absorb dust, melon shells, rice grains, eggshells, and other common household stains. It can also take on liquid stains such as oil, milk, juice, soy sauce, etc.

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If you have experienced the discomfort of the cable vacuum cleaners then you will appreciate the convenience of wireless. There is no distance limit, no entangling of wires, and you can pick it up whenever you want. At the same time, the motor drives the fuselage forward, enjoying a lightweight experience while ensuring strong suction and strong washing. It does not bend over while walking, and it is easy to operate for a long time. The handle rotates at multiple angles of 60°. This makes cleaning the bottom of low furniture easier.

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Xiaomi wireless floor cleaning machine

In addition to the functions, the wireless floor washing machine continues the minimalist style of Xiaomi. It also comes with two brush heads. At present, the mainstream price of household floor cleaning products on the market is above 2000 yuan ($290).  This product will start shipping on August 31.


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