Huawei’s CEO reaffirms the company’s plans for HongMeng OS

Huawei HongMeng OS

Today, Huawei’s CEO, Ren Zhengfei said in an interview with YahooFinance that the HongMeng system has no plans for smartphones. According to him, the company will invest and develop a smartphone system only when Android is no longer an option. He believes that Google and Huawei are working hard to solve the problems they are facing, and hope to pay off.

Huawei's CEO Rei Zhengfei

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Ren Zhengfei said that Hongmeng system can be used in many different IoT applications, such as smartwatches, smart TVs and car networking, but there is no plan to use them on mobile phones. He said “We are developing a backup system, and they are trying to communicate with the US government…I hope we can all pay off.”

Earlier, Huawei’s Senior Vice President and member of the Chinese company’s Board of Directors, Catherine Chen, affirmed that the HongMeng system is not for smartphones. Although, there is a confirmation of a proprietary OS to be an alternative to Android. However, the Chinese manufacturing giant prefers to continue using the Google system.

Huawei’s CEO said: “…we hope to continue to use the global open mobile operating system and ecosystem. However, if the US restricts our use, we will also develop our own operating system”. The most important part of the operating system is to build an ecosystem. It takes two or three years to re-establish a good ecology.


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