Zhao Ming: Honor has a huge plan for the smartphone market

Zhao Ming, the president of Honor has some interesting things to say about the Honor brand after the launch of Honor 9X. According to him, Huawei’s consumer business CEO, Yu Chengdong, has a huge expectation from Honor. “Yu hopes that we will enter top 2 in the Chinese market and top 4 in the global market.”

Honor 9x Pro

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Zhao Ming said with confidence: “There is no doubt that in the Chinese market, we are already in the top four. The next step is to strive for the third spot and then second. We can’t look back. We can only look forward. This is also in the genes of our family.”

As for how to do this, Zhao Ming said that he launched the “Secondary Rocket” program internally: “In 2019, we talked about the wind and grass, and in April this year, we launched a new strategy for the ‘secondary rocket’ and proposed four very “competitive products”, or they can be understood as radical products. We want to provide users with products that exceed expectations, not just products that meet expectations. “

In addition, Zhao Ming said that Honor has the opportunity to meet consumer expectations: “In fact, you will see that the young people’s likes are very direct, that is, what value you bring, and the way we handle it will be sharp in the future. In fact, as long as consumers’ psychological concerns are resolved to meet or exceed consumer expectations, market opportunities will come.”


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