Cheap Mosquito killing lamp or smart socket from Ebay


Here we are again with some interesting and cheap little gadgets from the depths of Ebay stores and of course as usual we are focusing on the chinese products. This time we will be trying to recommend some useful little home gadgets from different categories, but always on the cheap and affordable site. So if you are either looking to get a smart home smart socket or just want to have mosquito-free experience in your room, then today’s selection will be just for you. So let’s get down to it with some more details.

Starting with the smaller device there is the smart home socket with the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection and choice of EU or US socket plugs. With the smart socket you can set timers to all your connected electronics and precisely schedule all the activities and functions right on your desired time. With the app remote control and wireless connection it’s really a breeze to become a master of your house appliances and you can even take it to the next level with voice commands if you connect it to the Google Home or Amazon Alexa (and some other) platforms. And the prices are very affordable, you can get one piece for just $8.99 with extra bulk savings, 3 pieces will be up for grabs for just $8.09 each. All from Ebay of course.

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Then there is the Mosquito killing lamp with fancy 360° LED purple illumination as a bonus feature. The lam uses 368nm UV light to attract mosquitoes from all directions and then catching them with vortex air flow and the centrifugal pressure makes it impossible for them to escape. So such gadget should ensure your undisturbed sleep by the annoying bloodsuckers and the lamp itself is not going to be a nuisance, because it’s extremely silent, way below even just a whisper. Removable design of the gadget means you can easily clean it and with USB charging you can even hook it up for charging and activie duty to a computer or a powerbank. There is no price high enough for safe and sound sleep, but this one will be still quite cheap, priced only at $12.79.

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