Android Q Beta 6 is now available: these are the new features of the latest Android 10 beta

Android Q Nokia 8.1

Google has stuck a hundred percent to its Android Q calendar. After launching the fifth beta last July, finished the first week of August and with the stable version just around the corner, the company has published the sixth and final preview of Android 10.

The beta is now officially available, so it’s a matter of minutes to reaches all Google Pixel devices that already have the beta installed. There are not too many changes, mostly some bugs from the previous beta are fixed, but there are elements to highlight.

Android Q Beta 6 news

For developers, the latest Android Q beta includes the latest system image for Pixel and Android Emulator. As well as the final API 29 SDK. In this SDK are all the necessary tools to develop applications compatible with Android Q, good news for devs that can already get to work.

For users, “improvements in the gesture navigation system based on user feedback” have been made. These translate into a 200dp vertical app exclusion limit for the Back gesture. And a setting that allows you to configure the sensitivity for that gesture.

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Android Q

Also note that there are some known errors that, predictably, will be fixed in the stable version. One of them is the location since apps with permission to access the location in Android Pie will receive permission to always access the location in the background.

Other known errors are that in the settings sometimes the text “null” appears when using the search engine; certain webview applications do not work correctly; the screen flickers when trying to put a review on Google Play; white text appears on white background in Google Search when dark mode is activated. And that Google Play Store shows that an update is available when it is first opened.

How to upgrade to Android Q Beta 6

As of today, all Pixel devices will be able to update to Android Q Beta 6 through the Android Beta program. The partners involved in the Android Q Beta program update their devices in the coming weeks.

Recall that this is the sixth and last beta. So all that remains is to wait until the end of August arrives for the stable version to launch. As it has happened in previous versions.

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  1. Alex99x
    August 8, 2019

    Hey, dude, Essential phones are getting this update now also.

  2. Roxy Heart
    August 8, 2019

    Performance on my Pixel 3 XL is so much faster than the last beta that it feels like I got a new phone. After the first two betas, performance tanked. This is back to how it felt when I got it.