Flyme 8 OS finally released with Aicy & One Mind 3.5

At the on-going Meizu 16s Pro conference, the company decided to first announce its latest system, Flyme 8 OS. The general manager of Flyme, Yang Yan, said that this is the 8th year of Flyme’s existence and as of now, the Flyme OS has exceeded 90 million users. According to the company, its been 491 days since the release of Flyme 7. Flyme visual designer, Guo Taotao, had the honors to officially introduce the Flyme 8 OS. He started by introducing the Flyme 8 “Alive Design” which he says is a new design concept of the system.

Flyme 8 Design

According to the images, the Flyme 8 Smart Wallpaper seems to have more vitality while the new icons have more details with a clearer hierarchy. This new system also comes with night mode feature which not only perfectly fits its own application, but also has good results in third-party applications. The overall visual vitality of this system is stronger than its predecessor and the new interactive effects are on a new level. Guo Taotao stressed that Flyme 8 is not all about the new design. He said that this system also comes with new ringtones, alarm ringtones, and the system sounds reshape the listening experience.

Flyme 8 small window mode 2.0 & game mode 4.0

The Flyme 8 system comes with small window mode 2.0. This feature supports split screen on any interface. It brings parallel small windows interfaces for multitasking. In addition, this system has a new Flyme 8 game mode 4.0. According to the company, the game mode 4.0 can effectively ensure that incoming calls are constantly on the network and support the operation of the screen.

Super night scene mode & backlighting mode

The Flyme 8 brings a new super night scene mode, and the quality of night photos is further enhanced. This mode comes with self-timer and also supports beauty self-timer super night scene. The company adds a new backlighting mode on the Flyme 8. The images in the backlit scene have good details.

Gizchina News of the week

Flyme 8 AR & “Aicy”

The company introduced the new “fantastic” AR but it did not say much about the capabilities of this feature. Furthermore, Meizu’s voice assistant “Aicy” also comes with the Flyme 8. Aicy covers 241 voice scenes and it supports screen recognition. It also supports AI scene recognition as well as image exploration and document correction. Its do-not-disturb feature temporarily masks floating notifications.

One Mind 3.5

Meizu Flyme 8 comes with the new One Mind 3.5. Compared to Flyme 7, the Flyme 8 application increased by an average of 22%, a maximum increase of 37%. The company says that the official beta of this system will be released today by 6 pm (Chinese time).

Flyme 8 First Models

The first models to get the Flyme 8 system include Meizu 16s Pro, 16s, 15X, 16th, 16th Plus, 15, 15 Plus, Meizu Pro 7 high version, Pro 7 Plus and Meizu Note 6. These models will get the first stable version in November.

However, other models which will get the stable version in December includes Meizu 16Xs, M15, Pro 7 standard edition, Meizu Note 8, Note 8, X8, Pro 6 Plus, Pro 6s, Pro 6, Pro 5 and Meizu MX6. Other devices in the Charm Blue brand include Charm Blue 6, E3, X6, Note 5, Charm Blue Max and Charm Blue E.

Flyme 8 Highlights

  • New Design
  • Small window mode 2.0
  • Game mode 4.0
  • Super night scene 2.0
  • Self-timer super night scene
  • Fantastic AR
  • Notification noise reduction, usage statistics, home guard, alarm assistance,
  • Aicy Voice Assistant
  • One Mind 3.5.


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  1. João Batista
    August 28, 2019

    Meizu note 9 will receive?

    • Larry Guo
      August 29, 2019

      include Note 9

  2. sergiogarbares sergiogarbares
    October 1, 2019

    TThere is a problem in the  
    testimony the scale antenna  Meizu m15 Lite  
    the ver problem of firmware of flyme 7 !!! What is the problem !!! antena in display
     shows that the signal is excellent !!! but this is not!!! 
     only later18 seconds, the  
     scale begins to move down !

     in flyme 5-6 version such problem was not observed I ask you as Meizu representatives to provide this information with the flyme operating system programmer so that they fix this