Xiaomi Bluetooth Key Finder Goes On Crowdfunding at 99 Yuan ($14)

Xiaomi Bluetooth Key Finder

A few days ago, Xiaomi has launched a crowdfunding project for the Xiaomi Bluetooth Key Finder. It supports anti-lost reminder, two-way mutual search, breakpoint positioning, and ‘collective search’ mode. The crowdfunding price of 3 sets is 99 yuan ($14).

Xiaomi Bluetooth Key Finder

The Xiaomi Bluetooth Key Finder uses a simple and light design with Bluetooth technology and a high-decibel buzzer.

The use instructions are quite simple. Put the force-seeking device directly into the wallet or attach it with the lanyard and the key. When the user goes out or away from these items, the phone will immediately receive a prompt (the force seeker does not alarm), reminding the user to carry the keys or whatever it is attached with.

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The Bluetooth Key Finder supports two-way mutual search. When the smartphone searches for objects, use the phone to open the collaborative search object. And a one-click call will cause the object to beep to help the user find the item. When the object seeker is looking for a smartphone, press any of the synergistic object seekers, and the smartphone can sound an alarm even if it is muted.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Key Finder

This object seeker also supports breakpoint positioning. You can view the position and status of the Xiaomi Bluetooth Key Finder at any time by using the smartphone. In the case of accidental loss, you can also accurately locate the last disconnection of the device.

The Xiaomi Key Finder supports the ‘combined force search’ mode, which allows users to establish a new concept of search.

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