Xiaomi: Everything You Need To Know When Buying 5G Phone

xiaomi 5g smartphone

Today, Xiaomi Mobile officially posted on Weibo a picture to introduce a few things you need to know when buying a 5G smartphone. It says that 5G is not still going viral because this technology consumes more power than the 4G smartphones. Plus, you need to change the card after buying a 5G phone.

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What is 5G?

5G is the fifth-generation communication standard, which is an extension of 4G and is also the latest generation of cellular mobile communication technology.

4G network feels enough, what are the benefits of 5G?

The main advantages of 5G are high speed, low latency, and that it connects everything on the Earth. Taking the high-speed rate as an example, the peak speed of the current 5G network can reach about 1Gbps – 2Gbps, which is ten times that of the 4G network speed.

Can I use a 5G network with a 4G smartphone now?

No, the smartphone that wants to use the 5G network not only needs the baseband support but also the corresponding 5G antenna. The structure, antenna layout and heat dissipation design of the smartphone need to be redesigned separately.

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Is there a 5G signal coverage in my home?

The 5G signal coverage can be queried in the operator’s official app. Taking Beijing as an example, 5G network coverage has been achieved in most areas of the Fifth Ring.

Do I need to change my card after I buy a 5G phone?

At present, the policies of the three major operators (in China) are ‘no change of cards, no change of number’. That is to say, the 4G card can be inserted into the 5G smartphone now. Once the 5G service is opened, it can be used normally in areas with 5G signal coverage.

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Will the 5G tariff be more expensive than 4G?

With the gradual improvement of the 5G network, the 5G tariff will be cheaper than the 4G.

Does 5G add more fever to the phone?

In general, smartphones do not always transmit data at high speed, and in the daily use, we do not have to worry about the power consumption and heat of 5G.

Is 5G smartphone more mobile than 4G phone?

The specific traffic usage is not directly related to the basic functions. The amount of traffic consumption is determined by the different usage scenarios of the visited web page, the size of the downloaded file, and the clarity of the online video playback. In the same usage scenario, the traffic consumed by the phone on the 5G network and the 4G network will not be different.

Why doesn’t 5G phones support (Telecom’s) 2G & 3G?

Due to the current operator’s requirements, 5G network and CDMA & EVDO network cannot be supported on one smartphone at the same time. But the (Telecom card) user can normally make calls, send and receive text messages, and connect to the network in the case of VoLTE.

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