Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is updated with the ability to change the screen on time

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is one of the best accessories for almost any user. No matter what mobile you have, this bracelet of about $25 is perfect to monitor your day to day and receive notifications. Today we have very interesting news for all users who have this band.

The new generation of the band has included a larger color screen, the most important novelty of the new bracelet. Now, a new update is coming to the bracelet to improve the experience with this color and touch screen. A new configuration will appear in the application so you have more control over the bracelet.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has been in our market for a few months with great acceptance from users. If you currently have the bracelet you can enter the application and wait for an update. This update will allow you to change the screen on time. Currently it is not something that can be configured, but the thing changes after the installation of the OTA update.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

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New update for the Mi Band 4: set the screen on time

Currently and since the launch of the bracelet, its screen has an on-time of 5 seconds. When you turn your wrist to display the time or touch the panel to do some action, it turns off after 5 seconds if you don’t interact with it again. Xiaomi has decided to bring more control over this detail including more time options. If you update to the firmware version, you can configure this section with a level of precision quite interesting.

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You can leave it in 5 seconds, or change it up to 10 seconds. You can select the screen to stay on for 8 or 6 seconds if that is what you want. This will increase the energy expenditure and therefore the battery will last a little less, but it is not something relevant in a bracelet that you should charge a few times a month.

More wallpapers and improved swimming tracking

This update has also included more wallpapers for the bracelet that can be selected from the Xiaomi app itself. There are not many and you may still want to use a third-party application, but this is appreciated from the most inexperienced users.

In turn, there is good news for users who use the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 for swimming. The bracelet has improved the records of this sport and now seems to be more accurate in the figures it offers.

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