6G connection will be much better and safer than 5G

6G technology

The many news stories that have been circulating about the changes in the mobile network have been of great interest to users for several years now. The 5G is now firmly within the news of the world of technology, and after a while, we’ll start seeing related news to 6G.

Especially during the latest events and demonstrations that have shown how technology has grown over the years. 5G has shown what it is capable of. In addition to all this, however, it must be remembered that the big operators have launched their own networks according to this type of line. The 5G in fact is extremely fast and much more powerful than 4G or other network frequencies, although very soon we could talk insistently about 6G, mentioned a few lines ago. In the last hours, some news would have emerged from the web and some users were stunned.

6G: the new network will be so powerful that it can change users’ habits

AI in 6G era

6G is the next step which will therefore make the current 5G obsolete. According to Mika Rantakokko, a developer at the head of the 6G development team, the connection revolution will be so great that it will succeed in creating an almost complete fusion between real and digital.

The prospects, at least at the moment, leave room for a development of an artificial intelligence. That will in turn be able to control and make useful of our attitudes, tastes or even preference.

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