Xiaomi Mi Projector Vogue Edition (aka Fengmi Vogue) Announced

Xiaomi Mi Projector Vogue Edition

Recently, Xiaomi eco-chain enterprise Fengmi has announced a new home projector product. The Fengmi Vogue (aka Xiaomi Mi Projector Vogue Edition) has a small size, supports 1080P resolution, comes with 1500 ANSI lumens, and offers a voice remote control feature. This is the 424th product landing in Xiaomi crowdfunding. The initial price is only 3699 yuan ($522).

Xiaomi Mi Projector Vogue Edition Features

One of the selling points of the Xiaomi Mi Projector Vogue Edition is the FAV support. This is the first projector to come with an image quality optimization technology developed by Fengmi Technology. By the way, FAV stands for Feng Advanced Video. It is optimized for brightness, color gamut, sharpness, skin color reproduction, HDR display, HDMI delay, etc. In

Xiaomi Mi Projector Vogue Edition

The brightness of the Fengmi Vogue is up to 1500 ANSI lumens (highlight mode). It is more than 150% brighter than conventional projectors. Plus, this projector has NTSC’s wide color gamut over 85%. So the color performance is way better. The CM color management system algorithm optimization makes color reproduction more accurate. At the same time, the graphics edge processing algorithm is upgraded. So it can effectively distinguish the edge and details of the image object for processing and enhance the image clarity.

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The projector also optimizes HDMI low latency. The game mode has as low as 40 milliseconds latency, which is a 50% improvement over previous products.

The projection ratio of 1.1:1 is almost the same as the width of the projected image. It is no longer necessary to calculate the placement distance and save space. With a projection distance of 2.5m, you can get a 100-inch 1080P screen.

In terms of design, it comes with a square shape. The lens is on the front of the fuselage following the Fibonacci spiral concept. The light-emitting panel with Corning Gorilla Glass comes with a high anti-reflection film.

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The Xiaomi Mi Projector Vogue Edition uses Vlogic’s high-performance chip. The T972 is the first SoC made for projection products. It has a maximum frequency of 1.9GHz, which is 63% lower than the previous generation’s performance while reducing power consumption by 55%. It also supports 8K video decoding!!!

The Xiaomi Mi Projector Vogue Edition runs on the same MIUI TV system as Xiaomi TV. It includes a large number of video resources for the Xiaomi video. At the same time, Patchwall can recommend customized content based on your viewing habits.

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