Google Assistant will make it easier to correct voice commands

Google Assistant can be a really good tool in handling some task but this system is by no means perfect. There are still some simple queries or names that throw Google Assistant off balance. For such instances, we can edit the query by tap-and-hold the voice command. However, Google is trying to make this process more seamless.

Before now, when Google Assistant does not understand a statement, it presents its best option and that’s it. However, Google is now making things better by underlining the statement/word which it thinks the Assistant did not get correctly. In addition, it shows an “edit” button below the underlined statement. This makes it easier to edit the statement. Nevertheless, it appears that this feature seems to select commands as well as devices. It seems to have a preference for some smart home devices, music artists or titles, and videos.

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For now, this is just a simple case of making the editing process easier. It would have been interesting to have the Assistant getting to understand frequently confused words or statements. However, there is no indication that this is the case. Perhaps, Google will consider adding this feature in the future. What do you think about these changes?


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