The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro will arrive with an advanced in-display fingerprint sensor

In-display fingerprint sensors are increasingly common in all smartphone ranges of the market. Every day there are more low-budget devices that opt ​​for this unlocking system, although we have already seen on several occasions that it is not the best, not the fastest, nor the most reliable. Even so, it is a very interesting solution for designs, as it is invisible. Today we have very good news for users who think about buying the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro (Mi Note 10). This device will arrive with a new advanced and interesting fingerprint sensor.

The Mi CC9 Pro will be presented in China tomorrow. In other countries, it will arrive a few days later under the name of Xiaomi Mi Note 10. It is a device with incredible features such as its 5,200mAh battery and the 108MP camera. Also, it will surprise us when it comes to unlocking it.

The first ultra-thin optical in-display fingerprint sensor will arrive on the Mi CC9 Pro

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At the moment the fingerprint sensors under the screen have a general problem which is the unlock area. Usually, the area is very small and you must place your finger at the exact spot to unlock the device. A couple of millimeters in any direction will make you have to replace your finger. Today, Xiaomi has indicated that this experience will change with the Mi Note 10.

This device includes an ultra-thin optical fingerprint sensor, which according to the company, is the first in the world to be marketed. It is faster, occupies less space and has a wider unlocking surface. It has no problems when the environment is very bright or the sun is affecting the screen and can be used at very low temperatures.

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According to Xiaomi, this new fingerprint sensor is so fast that you only need a touch on the screen to unlock it. In other devices, the most normal thing is to leave your finger on for a few milliseconds until it is unlocked.

It seems that this Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro will not only be a great device in terms of battery or camera, it will also improve the user experience when unlocking the device. We will see if this new sensor sets a trend in the market.

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