CHUWI UBook Pro battery life test:power for all day!


Nowadays, office environment is more and more complex for office workers and students. Battery life is the most fundamental condition of productivity. Recently, Chuwi has launched a versatile 2-in-1 tablet UBook Pro on Indiegogo. Equipped with Core m3-8100Y processor, a 3:2 ratio 12.3-inch screen and other features, it’s backed by more than 450 users from all over the world, and the number is still growing.

Chuwi have also revealed the latest battery life test of UBook Pro. Let’s take a look at the performance of this popular model in terms of battery life. UBook Pro battery life test configuration :50% screen brightness,WiFi connected,default balance mode.

Office scene

The first test is simulation of office work, based on web browsing and document office. Since the main users of UBook Pro is office workers and students, the segment is the most referential scene. From the measured results of video, 30 minutes of web browsing consumes 7% of the battery and 30 min document editing cosumes 5% . It’s absolutely a great battery life performance.

Entertainment scene

The first test is online music playback. UBook Pro only consumes 13% of the power when playing music for 45 minutes. The next test is 4K video playback. As we all know, decoding 4K video consumes a lot of system resources. UBook Pro is powered by low-power Intel processor and equipped with UHD Graphics 615 GPU. It decodes 4K video efficiently and smoothly. UBook Pro consumes only 20% of the power when playing for 45 minutes, Which enables nearly 4 hours of 4K video playback for every single charge.

Gizchina News of the week

In the gaming test, Core m3-8100Y processor is really powerful. It provides very smooth experience in playing League of Legends. The display is quite exquisite. The power consumption is still relatively low, only 22% for one round (about half an hour).

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After the above intensive tests, UBook Pro still had 33% of battery left. According to the power consumption ratio calculated in the bar chart, UBook Pro can last 10 hours of office software usage or web browsing for 7 hours for every single charge. Obviously the 38wh battery can be powerful enough for daily work with UBook Pro.  Besides, UBook Pro also supports PD quick charging, which can quickly restore full power without worrying about low battery.

In addition to the excellent power control of Core m3-8100Y processor, low power memory, fanless design and other hardware configuration are also indispensable for excellent battery life. They all make UBook Pro the most cost-effective versatile 2-in-1 tablet. UBook Pro is currently in the process of crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Detailed information about it can be found in here.

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