SUAOKI 150Wh portable power station discounted on Amazon


If you are a fan of camping or maybe spending time at a remote cottage in the wilderness, then you are surely always forced to solve the electricity problem. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to survive without your trustworthy gadgets and that means you need to have some way to charge them. The easiest answer is a portable power station and today we have for you a deal from Amazon for just that. SUAOKI 150Wh power station is a perfect power supply for the outdoor camping situation and you can get it now even cheaper with the in-house discount coupon and even one extra coupon on top of that.

SUAOKI 150Wh power station really deserves the description as “portable”, because with very com pact dimensions and only 2.9 pounds of weight it’s not that hard to carry it anywhere. As the name suggests it can offer 150Wh battery capacity (11.1V 13500 mAh), but it’s limited to the  the recommended maximum of 100W of power.  So no really power hungry appliances are suitable. The power station is equipped with 10 total ports for charging, 3x USB port, 1x QC 3.0 USB port, 4x DC ports, 1x 2-prong and 1x 3-prong sockets. You can recharge the station normally from the wall socket, car cigarette socket or you can even get an optional solar panel for extra variety. It has all the safety certifications and can even offer some extra perks like built-in LED flashlights.

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And on Amazon you can currently find the SUAOKI 150Wh power station just for $125.99, but with the in-house extra coupon you can shave off full $15, but that’s not all. We have for you another 20 % off coupon 3HRB5DXC, so the final price is sladhed down to fantastic $85.79. But maybe you will throw in the basked some extra recommended accessories like the aforemntioned solar panels or the handy travel case. Anyway it’s one of the most interesting and compact power stations out there so check it out.

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