CHUWI smashing last year records during Singles Day

Singles Day

Singles Day is quite often the peak point of the year in terms of sales for many brands. And the famous tablet/laptop makers CHUWI are no exception to this rule, because in the current 11.11 shopping festival on Aliexpress managed to smash some records from last year. For starters it took them just 2:26 minutes to surpass $100.000 GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) and exceed last year GMV numbers in just  1:20:94. Fairly impressive, but they are absolutely not done yet, because the promos and sales are still ticking and people are going for more.

Gizchina News of the week

And there are even some extra promos to help the sales so let’s take a look. The “Buy one get one free” promo is quite self-explanatory and is promising to give the customer some extra accessories for selected models, usually a free stylus pen or a handbag. There are also extra coupons for new customers and you can enter giveaway with simple comments and win a free Hi9 Air tablet. But probably most interesting promo is the 90% discount for the CHUWI CoreBook model, limited to just 6 pieces on November 12th 8:00 PT, but wouldn’t want such beauty for only $50 ?

There are also special discount coupons ILOVEAE20 and NOTEBOOK30 for $20 and $30 discounts for purchases over $200 and $300 respectively, so should be a good way to slash the prices even more. And the offered selection of products is running pretty deep, because you will have a chance to see for the first time for example new CHUWI UBook Pro for just $299.99 and of course the full selection of CHUWI’s products from both tablet and laptop categories. So check the offers out, because if there is a perfect time to get some shiny new chinese gadget, it’s certainly in Singles Day sales.

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