Yunmi Launches Cheap Internet Baseboard Heater Pro

Yunmi Internet baseboard heater pro

Today, Xiaomi released the Mijia baseboard heater at a price tag of 599 yuan ($85). By the way, another Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise Yunmi has a similar product, namely Internet baseboard heater Pro. But the latter costs 499 yuan ($71). Thus, it’s 100 yuan cheaper than that of the Mijia brand.

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It uses two kinds of heat conduction methods: heat radiation and natural convection. The cold air is sucked from the heater. And after being heated by the machine, it spreads from the top air outlet. The whole house is evenly heated without drying.

Yunmi Internet Baseboard Heater Pro Features

The Small size and free installation make it ideal for heating various rooms and offices. The Yunmi Internet baseboard heater Pro comes with 136 pieces of aluminum alloy heating elements. So it provides rapid heating in 5 seconds. The company has made the air outlet structure integrally formed.  The thickness is 1.5mm. And it has a high-temperature resistance. So even after long use, it’s not easy to deform. This heater will serve you longer and is more durable.

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Mijia electric heater

Mijia Electric Heater

The Yunmi Internet baseboard heater Pro can be set freely within the wide temperature range of 5-35 °C, and accurately adjusted to ±1 °C to meet different heating needs. It also supports an intelligent constant-temperature algorithm, which automatically matches the optimal heating power according to the set temperature and the ambient temperature. So the indoor temperature remains relatively constant, achieving the energy-saving effect.

We all know, in winter, it is a big problem for people to dry clothes. The Yunmi baseboard heater has a drying rack, which allows users to quickly dry wet clothes. Also, it has a waterproof structure design. The heater’s waterproof level reaches up to IPX4.

Yunmi Heater Pro supports voice control. So you can use voice commands to adjust heating mode.

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