Check these quick facts about Bluetooth tracker before buying one

Bluetooth tracker

In its most basic sense, bluetooth tracker devices are small gadgets that you can attach to your belongings that you can connect to your phone using Bluetooth. It is used mainly to track and locate missing or misplaced items. You could also make it ring using your phone when your possession is lost within the vicinity.

Bluetooth trackers could also be called as Bluetooth finders or only Bluetooth tags and are generally known as smart trackers. Take note that the latter can also mean tracking devices that use GPS.

How do they work?

Bluetooth tracking devices are commonly used to locate car keys, wallets, bags and backpacks, and sometimes even small pets. Upon your first time setup, the tracker will connect to your phone via Bluetooth in an app. Usually, the tracker should be within 60 meters off your phone, as it is the typical range of a tracking device.

To use it, you will have to press a button on your phone to make the tracker ring to help you find your missing stuff. When the tracker goes out of range, your phone will show you the last location your Bluetooth tracker was connected to a map.

It is worth noting that Bluetooth tracking devices work both ways. If your phone is lost, you can use the tracking device to locate it, and you can make your phone buzz and ring even if it is in silent mode.


The Bluetooth tracking device has a single battery for usage, and when the battery goes dead, it can be replaced by your manufacturer. The Bluetooth tracker saves power to last for a longer duration. The phone that you use will do all the data transmissions for the tracking device to save more energy.

A typical Bluetooth tracking device’s can only last up to one year. Some models can’t be replaced with a new battery, so you might have to buy a new smart tag altogether.

As said earlier, the tracking device has a range of 60 meters or 200 feet. The strength of the signal relies heavily on your Bluetooth connection. Unlike most GPS trackers, a Bluetooth tracking device keeps its connection even when indoors.

When your tracking device goes in and out of range, the app that you are using will give you a notification. Since the device’s range is limited, it is much easier to locate your belongings before someone else does.


Many people use Bluetooth tracking devices nowadays, and this can prove useful when you are in a highly populated place, as there will be several people who will be picking up the signal from your tracker.

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On the other hand, being in a secluded area where there are only a few people using Bluetooth tracker, finding the smart can be difficult. Also, you can create your private network where you can ask for help in finding your lost stuff.

One thing that people always get mistaken is that it is not like GPS tracking devices that can track your smart tag in longer distances. A Bluetooth tracking device has a limited range and will notify you whenever you are in and out of range. Albeit it can pinpoint where the last connection was established, it can’t track the device outside of its range, which can be frustrating.

A Bluetooth tracking device can only be seen as an additional precaution for your belongings’ safety, but it does not keep your stuff from being stolen. Such tracking devices are mostly compatible with Android and iOS models today as all of the smartphones have a Bluetooth 4.0 pre-installed already.


All of the features stated above are only the typical features you can see in a standard Bluetooth tracking device like ringing, range, etc. These features are more or less the same in different brands, but some might offer more straightforward usability and a more extended range. Some brands might also provide additional features in terms of security and usability.

With that said, you can always look at the FAQ on their website to know more about the brand, or you can go to their customer feedback page to look at the other users’ insights about the product as both of them can be a good indicator if their smart tag is worth your money.


Having your belongings have additional security measures is a good move if you want to keep track of the stuff you usually lose or forget. Take note that the word “additional” is used since there is no better way to secure your things than to keep a watchful eye to avoid them being lost or stolen. Your belongings are your responsibility, and having a little help might go a long way in keeping your stuff always in good hands.

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