5G mobile phone replacement wave will start next year

As the coverage of 5G networks continues to improve, there is an increasing need for users to switch phones. According to recent reports, 5G may become one of the biggest driving forces for consumers to upgrade their phones. A recent survey shows that 67% of consumers will swap for 5G phones when it becomes available. In addition, 16% of consumers believe that 5G function is the most important influencing factor when they choose their next mobile phone.

5G network

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In addition, 62% of respondents said that if 5G Wi-Fi provides speeds comparable to fiber optics, they may replace home Internet with 5G Wi-Fi. More than 40% of Gen Z consumers said that once 5G is available, they will play more mobile video games, and about 35% of Gen Z and millennials said that the availability of 5G will change their use of enhanced Real and virtual reality gadgets.

According to TENAA, the number of 5G subscribers in China exceeded 870,000 within the first 20 days. In terms of 5G mobile phone users, data from the ICT Institute show that since October this year, Chinese 5G mobile phone shipments have begun to usher in rapid growth. In October, its shipments reached 2.494 million.

According to GSMA, China’s 5G user scale will reach 34 million in 2020, while China’s user scale will reach 600 million in 2025. It believes that China will account for 40% of 5G users in 2025 and it will exceed the US and parts of Europe put together.


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  1. Bishrul Hafi Ab Jalil
    December 8, 2019

    When will it launch in malaysia?

  2. Expotube
    December 8, 2019

    As a writer, possible researcher (vs. Tech marketing schill) are you not aqare of the significant health risks and implications of 5G. Sleeping with your phone 1 meter away says “addiction” or brain cancer are real possibilities. Please search out on Youtube – Tedx Berkley, Wireless Wakeup call by Jeromy Johnston, civil eng from Silicon Valley AND Frank Clegg, past Microsoft Pres on Why 5G is Not Safe. Please dont lose your critical thinking skills in your tech product enthusiasm. Think Monsanto glyphosate, pharma, tobacco industry and vaping. The goal is to get consumers hooked so that safety and health canbe overlooked in the unbridled marketing push. Make their milliins off thebacks of the largely uninformed and get out when the lawsuits hit