5 reasons why you should travel with Cubot KingKong Mini

Cubot KingKong Mini

A smartphone is the most vital electronic device for travelers as it permits them to stay in contact with their loved ones, send or obtain emails, book flights, do currency conversion, discover some location and have made it easy for them to deal with many other widespread tasks. And for that would be ideal to have Cubot KingKong Mini.

Cubot KingKong Mini, introduced by a Chinese company “ Cubot”, is one of the most interesting smartphones of the year 2019, containing all the significant features that an excellent smartphone needs to have. Cubot KingKong Mini runs on Android OS 9.0, containing a 2000mAH non-removable Li-ion battery, 13-megapixel rear camera along with a flashlight, 8-megapixel front camera, and many other incredible functions. The 5 most important features that will convince you to travel with it are listed below.

1: Small screen

The size of the phone is rapidly increasing day by day. Large phones are not smooth to carry in pocket and additionally  not suitable for one-hand use. It creates a massive problem for those smartphone users who love small phones. Luckily KingKong Mini comes with a 4-inch display and powerful configuration which perfectly suits one-handed controls and even fits into smaller hands. 

2: Rugged phone:

KingKong Mini is a rugged phone. The rugged case protects it even when dropped from a few feet height. It is also shockproof. It is able to withstand shocks in pockets and around machines. The use of military-grade material and waterproofing agents also makes it waterproof. It means it works perfectly almost anywhere and under any conditions

3: Low Weight

KingKong Mini comes with only 123g of weight. It is plenty lighter as compared to heavyweight laptops, digital diaries and even big smartphones. Its low weight has made it liable to take it anywhere that you like.   It means you can carry your personal data and information with you all the time and can save anything, anywhere anytime all because of KingKong Mini.

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4: Technical characteristics

KingKong Mini comes with a powerful MT671(A 22) processor, 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM which allows it to run multiple apps smoothly ( Do multitasking). It is 2G, 3G and 4G supported phone and also supports Wi-Fi connectivity. It also facilitates Bluetooth connectivity with other devices containing Bluetooth to share files and also provides Bluetooth connectivity for the reasons other than sharing. The GPS receiver allows it to find the exact geographical location on Earth. It also has the ability to transfer NFC content with those devices which are also NFC enabled.

5: Sensors

KingKong Mini include some of the most significant sensors. The “Accelerometer,” integrated, is used for the measurement of tilt and motion. “Accelerometers” cope with axis-based motion sensing. They’re the purpose why your phone can track your steps even in case you haven’t bought a separate wearable. They also inform the cellphone’s software which way the handset is pointing, the next one is “Proximity sensor,” which prevents the unnecessary key presses and turns the display off during a call in order to save the battery.

 The “Gyroscope” facilitates the measuring device out with understanding which side your phone is orientated. It adds another degree of precision therefore those 360-degree image spheres extremely look as spectacular as expected.

When you come in and out of compass mode in Google Maps, that’s the “Magnetometer” kicking in to figure out in which way the map should have to be. It additionally powers standalone compass apps.

Cubot KingKong Mini contains dual sim slots. It means you can use two different Sim cards at a time with the same phone.  It also contains a card slot for an external SD card. All of these stunning features have made it suitable for travelers, teenagers and other small phone lovers. You can find more information about the phone on the official website.

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