Samsung will start mass production of Micro LEDs in 2020

According to recent reports, Samsung will start mass production of Micro LED in 2020. Micro LED is a new type of display technology. About two years ago, Samsung demonstrated “The Wall” for the first time at CES 2018. Each pixel of a Micro LED display consists of actual light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The advantages are better viewing angle, brighter display, and higher contrast. Furthermore, it also has the advantage of lower power consumption.

Samsung the wall

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According to ETNews, Samsung may soon abandon a large-scale investment and start mass production of Micro LED panels. The South Korean manufacturer is said to be evaluating equipment related to Micro LED production. The report also said that the company is negotiating with partners to understand the feasible mass production of the new display technology.

A device manufacturer representative revealed that Samsung Electronics has been testing the performance and quality of key Micro LED devices as it plans to invest in plants and equipment in the first half of next year. In addition, he also said that Samsung does not have a specific production scale for now. 

Nevertheless, Samsung will not make a decision until 2020 CES. Perhaps the company will assess demand and competition before making a decision. However, some industry experts believe that the production of TFT (thin-film transistor) has not reached the level required for large-scale production of Micro LED. In all, the possibility of large-scale production of Micro LED next year is very small.

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  1. Steve West
    December 20, 2019

    Come on Sam, bring that shit on the market.I love this tech.

  2. Nikorasu081
    December 20, 2019

    From the beginning they could have used blue microLEDs and than use Quantum Dot Color Conversion tech from nanosys, that way it will be be easier to make and have a better yield vs having red, green, and blue LEDs.

  3. Oros Abaddon
    December 21, 2019

    I am waiting to build a new PC because I want to wait for Micro LED and DDR5. I feel like I am close to building one

  4. Marc Favell
    December 21, 2019

    Unfortunately it will be a while before us peasants can have this technology and mainstream as 2025-2027 is my guess 🤷‍♂️ my guess is we will have some lower resolutions like 1080p 1440p if we are lucky, very large screens first, then smaller screen/displays i would imagine and until the technology matures most likely be how the TV’s are released…..reasons for this, ATM manufacturers are not able to manufacture a single LED diodes small enough.
    (need approx 32 million single LED diodes for 8k or approx 8 million for 4k) or economically (lots of rejects).
    As a result True LED TV’s are going to be sized at projector territory 100+ inches at release and ultra expensive 100k or more until the this and scaled up, hopefully I’m wrong and it happens faster, either way can’t wait to own one, the future looks great we will have scalable moduar televisions where there’s no limit to size or resolution oftv/display just add most modules boom we are going to see a paradigm shift shortly after 2025-2030. cheers from 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦