PlayStation 5 may not use AMD chips for real-time light tracking


According to recent media reports, Sony’s next-generation console PlayStation 5 will also use AMD technology as Microsoft Xbox Series X. However, the latest leak shows that Sony PS5 ray tracing hardware does not use AMD  chips.

Komachi Ensaka recently released some chip codes: Sparkman, Arden, Oberon, and Ariel. The first two are rumored to be related to the Xbox Series X, while the latter two are related to the PlayStation 5.

Earlier news claims that the Sony PS5 3D audio will take a big step forward and will probably bring a better gaming experience. Sparkman and Arden have traces of visual effects such as ray tracing and shadow processing. However, Oberon and Ariel do not. If the latter two are for the PlayStation 5, then this will mean that Sony will not use AMD technology for ray tracing and shading.

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Presently, there is no complete information on either Sony PlayStation 5 or Microsoft Xbox Series X. However, sources claim that they are close rivals in terms of performance. Furthermore, there are reports that the performance of the Sony PS5 games is better. This may be because PS5 development hardware and software are more advance.

However, we can not be sure of what to expect from these consoles. Microsoft may use more mature development kits and software to fill this performance gap. 

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