Xiaomi Youpin Launches FIVE Smart Disinfection and Sterilization Lamp

FIVE smart disinfection and sterilization lamp

Recently, Xiaomi Youpin launched a new crowdfunding product, FIVE Smart Disinfection and Sterilization Lamp. It uses UVC sterilization and disinfection, supports intelligent human sensing, and supports Mijia app control. The crowdfunding price is 149 yuan ($21).

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The ultraviolet sterilization used by it has a wide range of applications. It has a basic configuration in the medical field, and is commonly known as ‘sun exposure’. Now, through technical means, we safely move the ‘sun’ into the home. Compared with the traditional fluorescent lamp sterilization, the FIVE smart disinfection and sterilization lamp has a sterilization rate of 99.99%.

How To Use FIVE Smart Disinfection and Sterilization Lamp?

The FIVE smart disinfection and sterilization lamp supports intelligent human body induction as well as intelligent stop sterilization. There is a special child lock protection mechanism to prevent children from turning on the lights by mistake and abnormal buzzer alarm system. Please turn on the sterilization state 10 seconds after leaving the room. However, you don’t have to worry about a thing because the app will automatically remind you when to turn it on/off.

The FIVE intelligent disinfection and sterilization lamp uses imported Philips ultraviolet lamps. A lamp contains about 1/10 of a mercury thermometer, greatly reducing the mercury pollution risk. Lamp life can reach 9,000 hours. The customized chip design greatly enhances the stability and consistency of the power supply, ensuring product safety and reliability.

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