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According to media reports, Google Chrome latest advertising standards show that it will stop playing ads on sites containing “destructive” video ads later this year. he new advertising standard defines what consumers don’t accept certain ads. These ads will most likely prompt consumers to install ad blockers. Such ads include video ads that play automatically without user interaction, and so-called “sticky ads” that occupy more than 30% of the screen (no matter how the user scrolls the screen, the ad will stick to one side of the page).

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The consortium’s organizational members include Google itself, as well as companies including Facebook, Microsoft, and Unilever. Other members include ad technology companies, agencies, and industry groups.

About two years ago, Google began blocking ads on websites that did not meet the advertising standards. Google’s advertising business is under antitrust scrutiny as the alliance’s latest advertising standards are released. Last month, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden asked regulators to investigate anti-competitive behavior in the advertising blocking industry.

What is a “destructive ad” by Google Chrome standard

On Wednesday, the Alliance announced what it considers as a “destructive add”. According to the Alliance, any preroll ads that cannot be skipped or ads that appear on top of a playing video or in the middle of the video player. These ads are considered as “destructive.”

According to Chrome,  website owners should stop showing these types of ads to website visitors within 4 months. The browser will stop advertising on sites that repeatedly display disruptive ads. In addition, Google’s YouTube will also undergo the same censorship. “Like previous advertising standards, we will update our advertising product plans on all advertising platforms, including YouTube. We will use new advertising plans to guide future advertising product development.” Google said

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