British nanotechnology company sues Samsung over patent infringement

British nanotechnology company “Nanoco” has accused Samsung of infringing on its quantum dot display technology patent. The case is currently in a local court in Texas, USA for hearing. Nanoco claims that Samsung Electronics and its subsidiaries deliberately infringed on its patented technology. Thus, it is seeking a permanent injunction from the court to prevent Samsung from further infringement, thereby protecting the company from major economic losses and demanding compensation.

British nanotechnology company

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Christopher Richards, Nanoco’s chairman, said: “We have worked with Samsung to develop enhanced quantum dots, so when Samsung terminated its cooperation, we launched its quantum without a patent license or supply agreement with us. We were very disappointed when we ordered the TV. “

Quantum dots (QLEDs) are considered to be the only liquid crystal display technology with picture quality called OLED. For a long time, the outside world believed that QLED was a product developed exclusively by Samsung, and this time it was indeed unexpected that many people were sued. However, the British nanotechnology company (Nanoco) has little visibility in the industry, making it difficult to determine the rigor of its prosecution.

Huge companies like Samsung handle tons of these patent infringement cases yearly. Thus, this shouldn’t pose any threat to the South Korean manufacturer.

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