TSMC’s 5nm process is about to be mass-produced – huge competition for supply


According to Taiwan media reportsTSMC’s 5nm process will be mass-produced in the second quarter of this year. As the latest generation process, there is a huge competition by the industry’s leading chip manufacturers, including Huawei Hisilicon, Apple, Qualcomm, Supermicro, and Bitmain. As of now, TSMC is already working on full capacity and can’t take more orders. 

TSMC 5nm process

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Huawei Hisilicon uses the 5nm process to mass-produce the latest generation of Kirin 5G chips. In addition, Apple’s A14 application processor will use this process. Furthermore, Qualcomm’s 5G baseband X60 and Snapdragon 875 mobile phone chip will both use this process.

Nevertheless, recent report claims that TSMC will cut down its supply to Huawei. The report claims that TSMC is trying to accommodate more manufacturers. However, there are also claims that it could have a relationship with the US latest plans.

The US is planning to restrict the US technology content limit from 25% to 10%, thereby further restricting Huawei’s chip supply. Taiwan media believes that the issue of expanding the limit may disappear in the market for a while. Meanwhile, this will have no impact on TSMC. Whatever it doesn’t supply to Huawei, there are several companies to claim the order. 

It is reported that TSMC’s 5nm process is about half a year ahead of its rivals and will seize major orders in the market this year. Qualcomm X60 is expected to ship in the first half of next year.

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