Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will use polyimide + ultra-thin glass layered screen

Samsung and Huawei are the only “major” manufacturers to have a foldable smartphone on their shelve. In fact, Samsung already has its second foldable phone – Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. As we all know, foldable phones still need a lot of development. The first Samsung Galaxy Fold had a couple of screen issues that delayed its launch for many months. According to Samsung, the Galaxy Z Flip uses a more flex-friendly ultra-thin glass solution. However, there are reports that Samsung is developing its third foldable phone – Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. Interestingly, this device will not use the display solution of the first two generations.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will combine two foldable screen solutions

The development of foldable phone display materials has been steadily growing and Samsung has another solution. For the new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, the company will use the Galaxy Z Flip’s ultra-thin glass coupled with a polyimide screen. It looks like the company is combining the screen solution of its first two foldable phones. Reports out of South Korea confirm that the this device will combine rigidity and toughness to give a better foldable display.

According to “Electronic News”, this layered screen will use transparent adhesives to achieve the best of both worlds – the rigidity of ultra-thin glass and the toughness of polyimide plastic materials.  

According to Sammobile, this type of display could make the S Pen very suitable for use. This will likely be a major feature for the next-generation, Samsung Galaxy Fold. The report also pointed out that due to the complexity of the manufacturing process, the layered screen method is only an expedient measure, and Samsung is continuing to find the ideal solution for its folding mobile phone.

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What do you think of Samsung’s attempt to combine ultra-thin-glass and polyimide plastic material display? Will this be a lasting solution for foldable smartphones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments

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  1. #Vyoman, #Sky_High
    February 25, 2020

    Samsung on wrong foot for folding tech. It is a niche market. What is more important is wearables, integrated human mobile system, and enterprise , cloud ready smart device – BYOD/S- self

  2. Buddyboy1
    February 26, 2020

    I think time will tell if it’s strong enough to take everyday use.
    I certainly won’t be a customer at the first entry price point. Is this something the average person want? I don’t think so unless a few yrs down the road it’s all there is!