Samsung plans to sell 8 million QLED TVs this year

Samsung has been one of the leaders in the TV field for over 14 years, and its QLED TV has a place in the high-end market. This year, Samsung plans to sell more QLED TVs to increase its market share and widen the gap between LG and Sony. According to media reports, Samsung plans to sell 8 million QLED TVs in 2020. This will be an increase of more than 50% compared to 5.3 million last year. In the QLED TV field, Samsung’s market share is close to 90%. LG, Hisense, Huawei, TCL, and Vizio also produce QLED TVs, but they have a smaller market share relative to Samsung.

Samsung smart TV

According to reports, Vizio sold 380,000 QLED TVs last year, while Huawei and TCL each sold 500,000 QD TVs. Hisense successfully shipped about 300,000 QLED TVs in 2019.

QLED TV models account for 12.1% of Samsung TV’s total sales. LG sells some QLED TV models but focuses on OLED TVs in the high-end market segment. The Korean company has more than 65% market share in the field of OLED TVs. Samsung sells almost twice as many QLED TVs as LG OLED TVs. In addition, Sony is also focusing on OLED TVs, not QLED TVs in the high-end price category.

In the high-end TV market, the South Korean manufacturer occupied 52.4% of the market share last year. This is more than double the market share of Sony’s high-end TV.

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