The PS5 Pro would be released at the same time as the PS5 to compete with the Xbox Series X

The PS5 would be an entry-level next-gen console, the best specifications will be reserved for the PS5 Pro, whose early release seems essential to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

Sony would, therefore, have decided to launch two new generation consoles at the end of 2020, with a PS5 Pro available at the same time as the PS5.

PS5 Pro vs Xbox Series X

The information comes from VFXVeteran, a user of the NeoGAF forum, whose account is certified as an “industry professional”. According to him, multiple insider sources agree that the PS5 Pro is the high-end solution from Sony, which will allow it to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

As a reminder, the Xbox Series X has been confirmed with a power of 12 teraflops, against only 9.2 teraflops (supposedly) for the PS5. The latter would in fact be a low-cost option to the PS5 Pro that would rival or even exceed the Series X in terms of specifications.

PS5 vs Xbox Series S

It was not necessarily in Sony’s initial plans to launch two consoles this early, but the Japanese group would have adapted to the strategy of Microsoft, which also plans to release two models at the end of the year. For now, the Redmond company has communicated only on the Series X, but a more affordable version (Series S) Would also be in plans.

Like the Series X, the PS5 Pro should, theoretically at least, allow to play in 8K and 4K 60 fps. But that no doubt means that the standard PS5 will be less interesting than previously thought, this existing essentially with the aim of launching a cheaper PS5 than the Xbox on the market, knowing that Sony is struggling to control costs of production of its console.

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We should therefore witness a more complex range with this new generation, a trend that had already started with the PS4 and Xbox One, but not from their launch. The challenge behind this new tactic is to be the brand that is both the cheapest with its entry-level console and the most powerful with its premium machine.

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