iOS 14 code reveals iPhone 9 will have Touch ID, iPad Pros will get triple-cameras

iOS 14

The leaked code of iOS 14 inadvertently revealed some details about upcoming Apple products. The folks at 9to5Mac dug up information about the upcoming iPhone 9, the new iPad Pro and the Apple TV.

The information found in the code confirms something that we were expecting already. The iPhone 9 will bring Touch ID back to relevance with a fingerprint reader built into the home button. This contradicts some reports that were claiming that the new budget Apple device will switch to Face ID. Moreover, the phone will support Express Transit, which allows paying for public transport in London, New York, Portland, Japan, Beijing, and Shanghai. “Express” means that no authentication is necessary. The feature works with either the ID method.

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When it comes to the new iPad Pro models, the iOS 14 code reveals a triple-camera setup on the back along with a 3D Time-of-Flight sensor. This will bring the iPad’s photography capabilities in line with the latest iPhone models. We don’t know how many people are using iPads Pro for photography, but well, it’s a premium device and the feature will be well received. The ToF sensor will be a boon for Apple’s AR kit, this year’s iPhones are also set to debut with ToF sensors.

Apple is working on a new Apple TV box and a new remote to replace the current Siri Remote. A workout app will use the TV box as a coach and a music player while you exercise. Last but not least, Apple is developing item trackers dubbed AirTags. These products are similar to Tile trackers. They’ll be easy to set up and will have user-replaceable batteries. Newer iPhones will use advanced Bluetooth capabilities of the U1 chip to indicate the direction to the tracker, not just the distance.

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