This could be the iPhone 12 that many dreams of

The news and rumors about the iPhone 12 are being less aggressive than with last year’s models. We must also bear in mind that we are several months away from its official presentation and that the coronavirus has been an important burden in its production chain, which has been delayed. Now, we can see how some fans of the brand imagine their ideal iPhone 12.

From time to time we show you some of the concepts that some Apple fans create as images or video. A few weeks ago we saw a concept that imagined a foldable iPhone 12, without news of a similar project in progress by Apple.

Many believe that the iPhone 12 will be one of the most radical changes in the company’s history. Recall that since the iPhone X, the design of the iPhone has remained barely unchanged and that the device was launched in 2017. Distinguishing the new iPhone 11 from previous generations is now easier due to the new rear camera module, but in essence, they continue to show a somewhat outdated design, with a huge notch and very pronounced frames.

iPhone 12 concept

Now, a new concept of the iPhone 12 suggests that Apple will finally eliminate the notch, offering instead a thin top frame where the selfie sensor and the rest of the sensors will be housed. In addition, we see how the overall appearance of the device reminds of the times of the iPhone 4, but with a style and technologies of 2020. It also shows how the screen fits much more to the edges of the device, which includes a touch functionality with icons and lateral notifications.

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In addition, the imagination of the video creator has conceived a rear module with six cameras reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. This module has six cameras, which include a hologram projector and a micro-touch screen also on top. This camera configuration may seem exaggerated, but it must be borne in mind that this year’s iPhone 11 Pro already has three rear cameras and Apple could easily increase this number. Recall that the Galaxy S20 Ultra already has five rear cameras.

However, and despite the dream concepts of many fans of the brand, Apple’s steps are shorter year after year. Therefore, the iPhone 12 is expected to arrive with at least a 64-megapixel sensor, bigger battery, 5G connectivity and finally eliminate the notch from the screen. While we wait, what do you think about this concept of the iPhone 12?

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