Samsung could turn its phones into a Nintendo Switch thanks to this accessory

Galaxy S20

As much as some users regret it, mobile video games are living a golden age. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night hit all the phones in the world just a few days ago, and just yesterday we learned that GRIS, one of last year’s most award-winning games, is coming soon to the Play Store.

Despite all this, it is understandable that many people do not like to play on their mobile phones, especially because of the touch controls that will never be as comfortable to use as a controller or any other physical control. Hence, consoles such as Nintendo Switch are so successful despite the fact that their graphic power does not stray too far from that of a high-end phone. Luckily, Samsung has already thought about this and from what it seems, is working on an accessory that would turn our smartphones into something similar to the Nintendo console.

Samsung aims to turn your Galaxy S20 into a powerful Nintendo Switch

The technical specifications of the latest phones presented by different brands make us wonder if we have really gone crazy. In the case of Samsung, for example, its latest device, the Galaxy S20, has 12 GB of RAM, a figure much higher than many laptops on the market, in addition to the 120Hz display which is great for games.

Beyond a pure marketing question, it seems that the South Korean firm intends to turn its devices into complete portable consoles, very similar to what Nintendo does. This is what we can see in the patent registered by the company in 2019 and echoed by the LetsGoDigital medium and which has been recently shown.

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It is an accessory, a case that attaches to the phone to makes it a complete portable console, with various buttons, joysticks and triggers. In addition and as the ASUS ROG Phone 2 already showed us, this “gamepad” would come with additional cooling to avoid possible overheating.

From what can be seen in the design, the accessory would have a direct connection through a USB port or wireless via Bluetooth, in addition to speakers and a built-in microphone. Without a doubt, the perfect accessory for lovers of mobile video games.

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