Coronavirus: an Android application that tracks the epidemic hides ransomware

This Android application that tracks the spread of the coronavirus epidemic around the world hides dangerous ransomware. Entitled CovidLock, the application will lock your smartphone before demanding a ransom in bitcoin.

CovidLock, an Android coronavirus pandemic tracking application, is actually hiding ransomware, reports Tarik Saleh, a computer security researcher at DomainTools. Fortunately, the app is not available on the Google Play Store. CovidLock is only available for download from the coronavirusapp website. Since the start of the pandemic, hackers have been using online tracking cards to spread malware.

This malware locks your Android smartphone

Once installed on users’ smartphones, the ransomware will quickly lock the device. Please note that ransomware can only be used on phones without a password. In fact, CovidLock will set a password for you to prevent you from accessing your device. If you have saved a password on your smartphone, like most users, you do not risk anything. For security, we invite you to quickly choose a password.

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Once your smartphone is locked, hackers give you 24 hours to deposit $100 in bitcoin at a BTC address. In exchange for the ransom, they agree not to erase your data (photos, videos, …) and not to disclose private content on social networks. Once they receive the ransom, hackers promise to provide a code to unlock your device. “We will monitor your GPS location and your position. If you try something stupid, your smartphone will be automatically erased” threatens the warning message displayed by the hackers.

“Cybercriminals like to exploit people when they are at their most vulnerable. They use dramatic events that cause people to be emotional or fearful to drive their profits. Any time there are major news cycles happening on a topic that stirs a strong reaction, cybercriminals will not be far behind.” Explains Tarik Saleh. We, therefore, invite you to remain cautious on unofficial sites linked to the pandemic. Likewise, we advise you never to download APK from unknown sources. Finally, do not hesitate to install an antivirus on your Android smartphone.

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