Intel reassures customers and investors in fear of coronavirus pandemic


The world continues to fight coronavirus, a global threat that has greatly affected the technology sector. This has prompted Intel to launch a message of reassurance aimed at both its main partners and investors.

It is a perfectly reasonable move, since in a situation like this, the shortage of components and key parts for the development of the technology sector, in general, can have a significant impact at different levels. Including the production of primary equipment, to the bases of the supply chain itself.

Intel CEO message on the outbreak

Intel CEO Bob Swan has been noticeable, despite the obstacles posed by the current coronavirus pandemic situation. The company says that it can meet most of its delivery commitments (about 90% of the total). Even at this intervene time of crises. This is possible because all the factories of the chip giant are operating with absolute coordinately.

In summary, this means that Intel has been able to maintain the usual workload faced by its factories scattered around the world. Bob Swan has confirmed that they are working hard to meet their goals and commitments and, although this is an unusual situation and subject to possible changes “in development.” They hope to be able to keep up with the current pace without any problems.

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It is essential for many giants in the sector that Intel can continue manufacturing its processors. Moreover, the same is true for the supply chain. Hundreds of millions of users worldwide use Intel processors, and their weight in global supply extends to all levels (general and professional consumption). Hence, even a partial shutdown of their factories could have disastrous consequences.

It is important to remember that semiconductor plants are highly automated (and very clean, pristine) facilities. That requires very little human involvement, especially if we are talking about direct intervention in the manufacturing process. Electronic components take up to three months to go through a multi-step process.

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