That’s why Huawei could take 300 years to overcome Android and iOS

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Despite the problems associated with the inability to work with Google, Huawei continues to bend its line, developing its own AppGallery application store and the HarmonyOS operating system, while not forgetting to release full-fledged flagships. But there are times when its representatives are “a little” odd – for example, the head of Huawei said that the company will need “no more” 300 years to catch up with Google and Apple.

Huawei could take 300 years to overcome Android and iOS

“Sales of devices on Android and Apple operating systems in the world are huge, and Huawei is late. It’s hard for consumers to accept other operating systems. Thus, the Huawei OS can take a long time to surpass Android and Apple, but no more than 300 years, ” said the CEO of the company Ren Zhengfei in an interview with Dragon Magazine.

These statements are frustrating for the employees and fans of the giant company, and it is more strange that it comes from the founder of the company.

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According to Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei consumer business. HMS (Huawei mobile services) currently is in more than 170 countries and regions. With more than 400 million monthly active users and more than 1.3 million developers and partners. It is already second only to Google Android and Apple iOS, ranking the top three globally.

At present, Google Play has more than 2.1 million apps, while Huawei AppGalery currently has only 55,000 apps. In the short term, GMS’s leading position is undoubtedly difficult to shake, let alone replace Android with Hongmeng OS.

In addition, because overseas users rely more on Google ’s GMS service, replacing GMS means changing user habits, which is a very difficult thing. We don’t know whether the new Huawei ecosystem will find a place in the market or not. But looking at the near future, we expect it to find some success in China. But it will be difficult to find a place in the global markets.

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  1. Cyril Dieudonne
    April 29, 2020

    As long as huawei keeps the name huawei, as long as huawei keeps being chinese, hongmeng will never be a thing out of the chinese borders. It’s not about stupid fan wars, it’s about global economy and about geopolitical environment. As long as China as a country, will act like a dictatorship, silencing opponents and sending some of its citizens to camps, dumping foreign markets and crying about having their feelings hurt each time someone points at their political and behavior flaws, a chinese ecosystem will never grow high. Just look at ZOOM. “SOME” video feeds were seen routed to chinese servers. Now the app is banned in many many many countries. Why are people so afraid to see their uninteresting feeds routed to China? Why aren’t they concerned to see their feeds routed to US servers and used in marketing purposes? All is matter of image. So far, China doesn’t have a nice image on the international stage. I’m not here to troll or whatever, it’s just obvious facts that go beyond hightech or childish fanboying. Huawei has an history of cooperation with the CPC. If you are a chinese citizen, it doesn’t matter since anyway everything you do is scrutinized by the party and help your personal credit system. But One outside the censorship kingdom can feel disturbed to find himself being a character of 1984. CPC isn’t safe if you do something else than just eating, working, consuming, sleeping, obeying. Thus Huawei isn’t safe is you do something else.

  2. astika
    April 29, 2020

    Writer misunderstood Chinese proverb.
    It means we can wait even if it means to wait 300 years, but we will keep chasing apple and google