WhatsApp will soon support working on several devices at the same time

WhatsApp is still the most widely used smartphone messenger worldwide. But, technically, competitors are now far ahead of the Facebook subsidiary. For example, Telegram offers the option of using the same account in parallel on multiple devices. We can even edit messages after sending them and not only deleting them.

For WhatsApp, there have also been indications for some time that it should be possible to use an account on several devices in parallel in the future – and also apart from the WhatsApp Web solution, in which we can only access the messages received on the smartphone while maintaining the connection with it. Now the function that many users want for years could actually be available soon.

WhatsApp will soon support working on multiple devices at the same time

WABeta Info portal has now noticed a new feature in the Android beta version 2.20.143 of WhatsApp, which indicates that the possibility of using the same account in parallel on several devices is currently in development. It means that WhatsApp is working in order to make it bug-free and there isn’t any release date available.

However, the new feature is not yet publicly visible in the beta version of the app. In addition, the function is currently still missing on iOS, so it might take some time before WhatsApp actually brings the multi-device feature.

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Previously, there were rumors about the use of multiple devices including tablets and laptops. In particular, for the iPad from Apple, a separate application from the app could be in development. This should work natively. This means that the smartphone does not have to be in connection in parallel.

For the moment, we will have to wait to see whether Whatsapp will then also offer desktop applications that work independently of the smartphone. It would be a very useful feature for millions of users.

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  1. Anglo Saxon
    May 3, 2020

    It would be great if the WhatsApp was available on all Smart TV’s. Including Samsung (Tizen) platform. It would be good if families across the world could stay in contact during these troubled times. Skype on TV users were sadly and badly let down by the mighty Microsoft when they withdrew their support.

  2. Kik Singh
    May 4, 2020

    Suggestion–>No. of logged in devices with the same user should also be shown to prevent unauthorized use or misuses of the facility.