Mac Pro: YouTubers bought its wheels for $700 to make a skateboard!

As you know, the Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit costs $700. For whom this product is created, which does not even have clamps, is completely unclear. Perhaps the company created it solely for the hype.

Be that as it may, the wheels found unexpected use. A video appeared on the Braille Skateboarding Youtube channel where these wheels are attached to a skateboard.

Mac Pro: YouTubers bought its wheels for $700 to make a skateboard!

As you can see, the implementation is lame, but in general, you can use such a skateboard for a while. The difficulty lies in attaching the wheels to the board, since Apple, of course, did not design them for such use.

It is possible that after this video, other similar projects with the wheels of the Mac Pro will appear on the Web.

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Apple’s Mac Pro is one of the most powerful and expensive desktop computers you can buy today. That’s especially if you opt for a configuration with a large number of processors, memory and storage. The Mac Pro could arrive with up to 1.5 TB of RAM, which means that in theory, it should be able to keep almost any application you launch in memory.

Apple’s computer is now available in Apple’s online store. While prices start at $5,999, the Mac Pro gets expensive rather quickly as you add more SSD storage, a more powerful processor, additional RAM, and more.

With all of the available hardware upgrade options, you can currently configure a build-to-order Mac Pro that costs $52,599 which is a huge amount for a computer. Here is what that price gets you:

  • Processor: 2.5 GHz 28‑core Intel Xeon W processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.4GHz
  • Memory: 1.5 TB (12 x 128 GB) of DDR4 ECC memory
  • Storage: 4 TB SSD storage
  • Graphics: Two Radeon Pro Vega II Duo with 2 x 32 GB of HBM2 memory each
  • Apple Afterburner Card
  • Stainless steel frame with wheels
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