Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen IdeaHub S Went On Sale Today

Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen IdeaHub S

Huawei released the IdeaHub series of enterprise smart screens in April this year. The line includes the IdeaHub S white jade, the IdeaHub Pro white jade, and the IdeaHub Enterprise titanium-gold gray. Among them, the IdeaHub S has gone on sale this morning. It is divided into three options: 65-inch wall-mounted, 65-inch floor-to-ceiling, and 86-inch wall-mounted. The prices are 26298 yuan/28998 yuan/54999 yuan ($3719/$4100/$7777).

As for the higher-end enterprise smart screen IdeaHub Pro, it will not be officially launched until June 11. At the moment, it is currently in the stage of pre-ordering.

Huawei IdeaHub S For Office Use

The IdeaHub S enterprise smart screen adopts a minimalist outline, integrated through stretching, 360° without screws, and ballet legs art bracket. As a collaborative whiteboard, the Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen supports 35ms ultra-low writing delay, intelligent handwriting recognition, and two-way labeling, with a takeaway function. Also, the Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen supports native WeLink conferences, H.265 1080p HD video decoding, and industry-exclusive 1080P projection screen (document projection screen supports up to 4K). In addition, this product also supports smart sound screen, far-field beam pickup, speaker tracking, multi-modal conference recording, and other functions.

Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen IdeaHub

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According to Huawei’s official statement, the Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen IdeaHub is a smart terminal product that integrates smart writing, ultra-clear screen, video conferencing, and open office application market. It is a new terminal for enterprise team collaboration. It’s also a new category, which can meet the smart office needs of enterprise conference rooms, manager rooms, open office areas, and other scenarios.

Huawei Smart Screen For Home Use

However, we shouldn’t think of them as regular smart TVs. As you can see, these products are mainly modified for office uses. The latter differs from home uses a lot. For this purpose, the company has launched the Huawei Smart Screen series long ago.

The latest model from this line is the Huawei Smart Screen X65. The 4K OLED panel of the Huawei Smart Screen X65 can achieve 1000nit HDR peak brightness. Also, it has a million-level ultra-high contrast, covers the DCI-P3 98% color gamut, and supports a 120Hz high refresh rate and 1ms response time. In terms of driver chips, the Huawei Smart Screen X65 sports Huawei’s new self-developed Honghu flagship chip. It is customized for OLED, coming with the Honghu AI image quality engine. There is also a 6G RAM + 128G ROM memory combination. This TV product also supports MEMC motion picture compensation, HDR technology, SR super-resolution technology, NR noise reduction technology, Local DCI local dynamic contrast enhancement, CGM color management system, and CAA anti-burning screen technology. The top variant costs 24,999 yuan ($3532).

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